Sound Design

- Sound Design for games and multi-media.

- Foley creation and location recording.

- Animations, trailers, and in-game cinematics.

- Editing, restoration, and consulting.

- Sampling, synthesizers, and patch creation.

- VO management and DSP processing.

- Recording, acoustics and microphone techniques.

- Mixing, editing and 5.1 Surround Sound.

- Binaural and HRTF techniques.

- And more!...

Music Creation

- Music creation in a variety of styles.

- Music for games, multi-media, anything!...

- Sampler and synth patch design and creation.

- Music technology and middleware.

- DSP processing and mixing.

- Mixing, 5.1 mixing, and Binaural.


- Implementation of audio and music.

- Efficiently work with your engineers for audio system development.

- FMOD, Wwise, and other middle-ware.

- Audio QA and technical troubleshooting.

- Creative Problem Solving.

- Batch processing and audio file management.

- Audio formating and preparation.

- Version Control proficiency.

- Basic HTML, Scripting and code.