Sound Designed

Ashes of the Singularity

Ability - Call Drone Swarm


Weapon - Avatar


Ability - Shield Regen Field Pulse


Weapon - Artemis Missile Barrage


Weapon - Thantos Rail Cannon


Weapon - EMP Pulse


UI Order - Energizer Select


UI - (Set 2)


UI - Start battle


Notify - Received Troop Donation


Special Ability - Rally


UI - Town-hall Select


Notify - Harvest Gems


Special Ability - Barrage


Notify - Level Up

Casino Game: Hockey Shoot-Off

Abort Count SFX


Puck miss and hits board.


Attention player notification.

Casino Game: Cafe Latte

Count up won credits looping sound.


Player abort credit count up.

Casino Game: Big Berner

Count Up Abort


Spin Reel

Casino Game: Big Foot

Cheesey Celebrate Loop


Backpack Icon

Music Created


Weapon - Avenger Hose


Ability - Call Sensor Drone


Weapon - Substrate Seed Main Gun


Ability - Call Heal Drones


Weapon - Centaur Rail Cannon


Ability - Amplify


UI Order - Energizer Order Move


UI - (Set 2)


Wonder - Notre Dame Select


UI - Ruins Select


UI - Spell Factory Select


UI - Wonder Taj Mahal Select


Notify - Resource Collected


Notify - Harvest Food


Notify - Harvest Gem


Jackpot / Celebrate SFX


Puck miss and hits glass.


Goal scored by player.


Reel spin looping sound.


Reel spin stop sound.


Dog Dish Icon


Cash Out


Binoculars Icon


Compass Icon

Work Completed


Ability - Regenerate Shield


Weapon - Drone Pulse Laser


Notify - Enemy Turinium Critical


Weapon - Ion Cannon


Weapon - WMC


Notify - Enemy Seed Destroyed


UI Order - Energizer Order Attack


UI - (Set 2)


Notify - Claim Quest


Notify - Defender Troop Deployed


UI - Library Select


UI - Mercenary Camp Select


UI - Place Flag


UI - Forest Select


Notify - Forest Cleared


Player shooting puck.


Puck miss and hits pole.


Game over horn.


Add credits for play.


Increase / decrease volume.


Dog House Icon


Logo Glint L to R


Flashlight Icon


Majic Attract Sparkle L - R